Friday, January 23, 2009

It Has Wings

Because it's all "fly." Here's a cool stuff post of things I must slowly acquire.

"Wii Super Famicom Classic Controller"
From: club.nintendo (Japan) > eBay

Sure, it's the price of maybe three U.S. classic controllers.

it's fancied after the multi-colored button scheme of the Super Famicom controller, 1:1 scale. The Japan-only goods came out last year as a limited item once offered as part of Nintendo's "Club Nintendo" program; a points-based program whereby the more games you buy, the more points you acquire and turn in for exclusive goods. We have one such in the U.S., but our rewards... well... kinda suck compared to theirs.

While they're just about out of print, they can be found on eBay for a good $65~70 (dry) bones. One simply cannot resist the rainbow palette us west of Japan did not get in turn for a bland-0-matic shades of purple on our Super Nintendo controller though vestigial in the U.S. version of Super Mario World upon the Star Road Yoshi selection.

Click the above link for juicy images.

"Empire Urban Regeneration"
from Star Wars series T-Shirt

"Save The Clock Tower" T-Shirt from Back to the Future series (and/or) Hoodie

"Objection!" T-Shirt from Gyakuten Saiban (Phoenix Wright)
from: Way of the Rodent

Resistant on all of the above because it's still freezing in Connecticut plus it's often hard to throw down $20 for iron-on T-Shirts.

Also. Our tenth episode of Friday Knights of The Round Table will be filming tonight, new episode (Ep. 9) ought to be available now.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bird Vomit Saves Lives + $289 EVA Watch

Two-for-one special because people are bogged down by the economy!
FIRSTLY, Caught this story on the news reel picked up from Yahoo! News. As if this story about bird vomit survival didn't sell me to click on it, it further had me at the "two men from Myanmar" caption...

Ok, it's a pretty boring story with lacking delivery in quotes and pictures. Ah, the slow scrap news day...

SECONDLY, Seiko is releasing a wickedly cool Neon Genesis Evangelion digital wristwatch fancied after Shinji Ikari's EVA Unit-01; decked in purple, priced at almost $300 and to be released in mid-February. I've got a few days to decide if I'm to make such a plunge amidst these Wintry weathery blues. All I have left to say is watchout wallet...

As you'll know, as co-host of FRIDAY KNIGHTS of the ROUND TABLE with my buddy Nick Fusari, the entirety of NCSX today could fuel a segment or two on my featured Japanese Tech chapter.