Monday, November 9, 2009

Phantom "Leon's Bomber Jacket" Update

Remember this story we did earlier this year about Japanese military clothier and accessorizer Phantom producing an almost true replica of that iconic bomber jacket warn by Leon S. Kennedy in Biohazard 4 (Resident Evil 4)?

In late 2008, Phantom produced a shadow of replication of Leon's Bomber Jacket, a much sought after short-lived item of apparel warn by protagonist Leon S. Kennedy of Biohazard 4. In our aforementioned story, we urged the company to produce more of the reservation-only jacket shortly after the remaining supply had vanished from e-Capcom, Capcom's official web-only merchandiser of often exclusive and rare items based on their myriad video game franchises.

It appears the powers that be have listened to eager fans willing to burst open their wallets because producer Phantom will be making another wave of Leon's Bomber Jacket this year.

As the site exclaims, the jacket will be open for reservations within in the same frame of last year's model; sizes Medium, Large and X-Large, each priced at 26,040 yen ($289). According to Phantom, the jacket will be available to ship sometime in December, so if you want one (overseas fans, keep reading), you had better get that credit card ready.

Because Phantom will likely not cater to overseas patronage, those interested will have to contact a middleman, or just get in touch with your familiar local import retailer (try NCSX) who has connections in Japan to further make financial and logistical arrangements. Be forewarned, the costs may exceed $400 for such services.

The jacket, more or less a modified B-3 bomber jacket with more forgiving synthetic leather with faux-shearling weathered to handle harsh conditions (unlike real leather), cut to fit more like Leon's than a typical B-3 with the trimmings, buckles (which are leather) and such. Since, we've uncovered a much better, officially-commissioned, ultra-rare replica made by (obscure) Korean company Johnny-Hill (which I paid out the nose for!). Needless to say, we will be purchasing the sought-after Phantom version for our collection.

Recently, one of the very few actual seen Phantom products has appeared on Japan's equivalent U.S. eBay auction circuit, Yahoo Japan Auctions back in late October. Remarkably, that one sold for roughly 82,000 yen (a whopping $911, at the time I'm writing this). I wonder if the buyer knew of the reproduction...

As suspected, the jacket shown in the company's model pictures versus the actual product is very true. We still think the cut and color, which seems to be cut too far below the waist and too black than brown looking are less than true to the actual jacket seen in production and in-game shots, but it's still a cool collector item and distinctive jacket to have. Below are more images we've collected of the item sold on various auction sites in Japan.

From the words of that creepy merchant, "Heh, heh, heh thank you!"