Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Ys...onemitsu: The Music of Dawn of Ys

Ryo Yonemitsu is considered a remixing marvel. 

Deep within the underground gaming community, his arranging style crossed with his guitar prowess are unmatched and very much badass. He's also sort of a mythical being; only one photo of him exists and his phantasmic presence recently popped back into the game music having arranged four tracks on 2007's Wild Arms Music The Best: Rocking Heart after a long "hiatus" that isn't cheeseturd vocals from Konami's endless voluminous Tokimemo series. 

It all started when he was commissioned to arrange Yuzo Koshiro's Ys series, but most specifically, was giving headway on the PC Engine versions of (known in the U.S. as Turbo Graphix-16) The Ys series. Ys IV: The Dawn of Ys, which was one of a few versions of Ys IV ever released, was among the most noteworthy games his arrangements gained attention. Though this game never made it outside Japan on the North American Turbo Graphix-16, a later released Ys IV: Mask of the Sun, an alternate "realty" version of the game was ported to other consoles including the Super Famicom and later Playstation 2, making its eventual way to North America. 

Still, the original PC Engine Dawn of Y's still remains unreleased outside Japan and on any other console for that matter. In a way, it's a one-of-a-kind gaming experience that requires that very console to experience.

Yonemitsu fans point to three released volumes of musical material released as his focal point of iconic brilliance. King Records released these three volumes known as Perfect Collection Ys IV, based on the PC Engine musics, explored a collection of mostly special arrange versions which were actually re-tooled from the Ys series. If you've never played the PC Engine original of Ys IV, you may not know that those discs were in fact all arrange versions from that game and other Ys titles. Because Yonemitsu's music was never released as is on disc, the source material can actually be found on said discs as redbook audio -- and the results are a pretty sweet revelation for Yonemitsu fans who've tirelessly warn the discs out over the years not knowing of these original cuts. 

Ys IV The Dawn of Ys for the PC Engine